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Student & Education Planning & Consultation

Student and Education Planning and Consultation

Course selection and application

Australia is home to top-notch universities, many of which are ranked among the world’s best. With so many schools and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be challenging. As experts in international student placements in Australia, we can help you choose a course that’s right for you and make sure you have the best chance at having your application accepted.


How does it work?

When you first meet with us, we’ll discuss about:


your education and experience, interests, timeline, budget and career or migration goals

courses that match your needs

the application processes

visas and which one is most likely to meet your specific circumstances


Submitting your study applications

We submit your applications on your behalf and supply the institution course application documents and institution program guides; compile your applications and certify supporting documents. We then take care of sending your application to your university or institution of choice. You may be invited to meet university or institution representatives who will assess your application and determine your eligibility for the course.


Response from the study provider

You will receive a response from the school or university within 2-6 weeks of your application being submitted. If you’re offered a place in a course, you will receive an offer letter.


Show Cause to School

Why you should not attempt to respond yourself?

Many students are tempted to respond to the show cause letters themselves.  The desire to do so is often because they are trying to save on legal costs.


This strategy often backfires when they are unsuccessful, after which the appeal process can be even more costly.  Students who chose to respond to show cause letters themselves without professional assistance, often result in unsuccessful outcomes since:


Students may take on an unnecessary and overly adversarial approach.

Students are not familiar with the process, this task is better left to the experts.

A student who is subject to an investigation is emotionally involved, which almost always affects their judgment (even if they are sophisticated and well educated).


Students subject to a show cause letters are often stressed and anxious, which can lead them to making poor decisions when responding, including mounting allegations against others which are unrelated.