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Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Many people think that once they are rejected a visa, they may not have other chance to enter or remain in Australia. A lot of people who applied for a visa by themself, do not know that they may be able to review their visa decision.


Some visa refusals all eligible to be independently reviewed by The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) which carries out independent reviews of administrative decisions made under Australian Commonwealth laws.

Our Migration experts have years of experience and the extensive knowledge to help prepare and submit your AAT applications


Our Migration experts can provide you with advice and assistance regarding:

  • Your eligibility for a Review of a Decision
  • Whether seeking Review of a Decision is your best option
  • Your reasonable chance of success at the Tribunal
  • communicate with AAT on your behalf
  • give AAT written evidence and written submissions on your behalf
  • request access to documents relating to the review
  • attend the hearing

the timeframes, deadlines and costs that apply to your situation